adAway APK v3.3 Download | Latest Version (5.05MB)


adAway Apk : is ranked among the top ad-blocking app that can be used in any android mobile. Not only away apk will block the ads of your browser, but also all the pop-up notifications or ads. The adAway also let you select the host files from your android phone.

So many people tried to find the AdAway app on the Google play store and were disappointed as away is yet to be launched on the play store. But you can enjoy its features by downloading the adAway for free by clicking on the link provided in this post.

adAway APK

adAway Apk
Download adAway Add blocker

Before you proceed for adAway download, let’s know a little about how away apk works and block the ads that annoy you. Usually, every app similar to adAway uses the host’s file which consists of IP addresses and hostnames.

Now, as the other installed apps in your device request to show the ad, the same demand is led to which eventually is blocked by the adAway.

About the App
adAway is an ad-blocking application which blocks any ad’s that appears while you are browsing on your device. The application also allows you to choose the host files from your device.

Note : Many websites provide the link to adAway apk download, but the most trusted one is Uptodown or Google play store. As the adAway app is not available in the store, you can only go for the adAway app download through the third party.

File Info

App Name adAway
File Type APK
Size 5.05MB
Version 3.3
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.1+
Root YES
user’s 1,000,000+


  1. As mentioned earlier, adAway has a lot of amazing features, including “whitelist” that will allow you to make a list of the websites you want to use without any hindrance. Also, you can create a “blacklist” and drop the annoying hosts in the same.
  2. The adAway apk comes with the simple and easy-to-use interface.
  3. You don’t have to hassle while finding the white and blacklist.
  4. Every feature can be easily visible on the adAway. You are free to set-up and configure the adAway as per your wish and preference.

Screen Shots

adAway Apk
adAway apk screen shots

How to install Adaway Apk

adaway apk
adAway apk

Download adAway (v3.3)

Before going for the adAway download make sure you’ve your android device rooted. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to use adAway features.

  • After confirming that the mobile is rooted, click on the adAway download link and install the adAway on your device.
  • As soon as the installation gets done, an icon of adAway apk will appear on your home screen from where you can access the app and enjoy its features.
  • adAway for OS has yet to be released. The process for installing adAway in OS may differ than that for android device. Don’t worry as no sooner the adAway for OS will release, we’ll write a detailed procedure on how to install adAway on OS.

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adAway APK v3.3 Download | Latest Version (5.05MB)
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