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FramaRoot APK: Irritated by the limitations that android phone possess? Don’t worry, Framaroot is here to the rescue. Framaroot is an app that allows its users to get exclusive access to its users by way of rooting. Rooting is the process which involves getting the developer access to your regular Android phone.

Once it is done, you can change your IMEI numbers, android id and many more things for free and without any technical expertise. To get started, all you have to do is to download and use the Framaroot APK whose procedure is given below.

Download FramaRoot APK

Framaroot apk download

File Info

App NameFramaroot
File TypeAPK
Size1.25 MB
Supported DevicesAndroid 4.0+
Last Updated on20 March 2018


  • There are many features of the framaroot app which are listed below. You can read about them and understand more about it here.
  • Size of the framaroot app is tiny which is nearly 1.25MB. it does not require any special space management before downloading the app
  • Supports the majority of Android devices: Framaroot app supports the majority of the Android devices, so you don’t have to download different apps to root different phones.

Framaroot APK is very user-friendly. All you have to do is to download and open the app. After which your tutorial will start, and it will teach you everything. Framaroot APK is the latest APK of the Framaroot app. This app has made it possible to root the majority of new android apps which are released recently.

Note: Framaroot Apk is an official App and it is available on Google Play Store. Download the latest version below and install it on your Android devices without updating the app.


Framaroot apk
Framaroot apk screen shots

How to Install Framaroot APK for Android?

Download Latest version Framaroot apk
Download Latest version Framaroot APK
  • This topic will help you to download Framaroot for free. To go ahead, download Framaroot from the link given below.
  • Also, make sure to turn on unknown resources in the settings to install it.
  • Once it is fixed, go to downloads folder in the file manager and
  • Install the Framaroot app file which is downloaded there.
  • If it is installed, it will start to show you the procedure to root the app.

Download Framaroot on PC

The steps to download Frama Root APK are the same as mentioned above. But the only change to do is that you need the help of an emulator which is called as a blue stacks emulator.

Blue stacks emulator is a software which gives you the interface of the phone and allows you to use it as a phone itself. So you can just download it and then proceed to its installation.

How to root safely?

  • Rooting is a complex process which allows you to get developer access. Once you get that developer access, there are infinite possibilities, but till then the journey is difficult.
  • Before rooting the android, make sure to charge your phone to the fullest so that it won’t stop in the middle of the process. If it gets stuck, it will brick your phone.
  • Make sure to backup your data because if something happens, you won’t lose your data

In short, the framaroot app is the best app to root the android app. Please follow all the instructions given above to play the game safe. For more apps and games, visit

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