KingRoot APK v5.3.7 Download | Latest Version (12.6MB)

Kingroot APK: Every thought about the endless possibilities of an android phone? Ever thought that you can change the inbuilt apps of your android phone? Well, yes you can do all of these things for free without doing any hustle.

Kingroot APK can be downloaded with the help of third-party apps which can help you in doing these things. The term is rooting stands for the unlocking the potential of the Android operating system. To get started you have to root your android device which starts the process of downloading the king root app.

KingRoot APK

Kingroot apk download

File Info

App NameKingroot
File TypeAPK
Size12.6 MB
Supported DevicesAndroid 4.0+
Last Updated on06 April 2018


  • Kingroot is an awesome app focusing on improving user experience so whenever a new update comes, it notifies its user automatically so that rooting never stops.
  • This app also helps in saving battery and thus helping you to get more enjoy the time.
  • Customization: you can easily customize your android phone after the completion of the rooting process. Rooting allows you to customize the phone without any efforts

Kingroot APK is a new app which allows its users to root the android devices with just one click. This is done with the help of the vulnerabilities in the system of Android devices due to which they are rooted. Rooting is meant to be used only for development by the professional developers, but because of the widely accessible internet, you can use it and do as you want.

Note: Kingroot Apk is an unofficial App and it is not available on Google Play Store. Download the latest version below and install it on your Android devices without updating the app.


Kingroot apk screen shots
Kingroot apk screenshots

How to Install Kingroot APK for Android?

Kingroot apk
Download Latest version Kingroot APK
  • To download the Kingroot for the android device, you need to download the Kingroot apk from the link given below.
  • Once it is downloaded, you can proceed to the installation process which starts by clicking the notification of download in the Android app.

Download Kingroot App on PC?

The steps to download Kingroot APK are the same as mentioned above. But the only change to do is that you need the help of an emulator which is called as a blue stacks emulator.

Blue stacks emulator is a software which gives you the interface of the phone and allows you to use it as a phone itself. So you can just download it and then proceed to its installation.

How to use Kingroot APK?

  • It is not at all hard to use king root app. To move ahead, download and install the king root app as stated above in the process above.
  • After that, click on the king room app. If it is rooted, it will show that root is available, else it will show root is unavailable.
  • After that, click on the start root process and it will start the root process. Make sure to read all the guidelines before rooting your android phone. 
  • Rooting is a process which involves in enabling of development settings. It is meant to be used by the developers only. SO you should use it only if you are a professional developer.

Things to Know Before Rooting

  • Rooting is meant for professional developers only.
  • You can customize a lot of things after rooting such as removing inbuilt wallpapers or ringtones.
  • Doing it in the wrong way will lead to damage to your phone, or it may even get burst.

So, here was a full post on king root app as well as on rooting. You can use this post to understand what is rooting and how it is done.

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