TikTok APK 5.1.5 Download for Android | Latest Version (64.2 MB)


Following the monumental success of Musical.ly, now it is TikTok thats steeling the limelight that musical.ly once had. It is a social media app that helps you share small videos with songs. Using this app, you can record your video whilst lipsyncing to song or various dialogues and sound effects.

TikTok is very popular these days and only seems to be rising in popularity. it is being used by celebrities to impress their fans and build a social rapport. TikTok has over 500 million users worldwide as of March 2019.

Tik Tok APK 5.1.5 for Android

About: It is a social media app that can be installed on both android and iOS. It lets you record a snippet of a video while you lipsync to the lyrics of a song or movie dialogues.


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App Information




5.3.5 (535)

File size:

73.7 MB


 March 18, 2019 at 8:46AM GMT+07


Android 4.1 and up





Download TikTok 5.1.5

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  1. Digital well-being: With this feature users can limit their content to only show relevant audiences.
  2. Setting privacy and safety controls: TikTok allows its users to personalise their account and decide who can have access to view and react to it.
  3. Clicking a live photo on TikTok: TikTok lets you store your video in the GIF format and set it as your phone wallpaper. This is called creating a live photo.
  4. Select your preferred language: Well aware that india is a multi lingual nation ,TikTok lets you select the language of your convenience. For example, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc.


Q.1 Is musically shutting down?

Ans: Yes, Musically is shutting down to give way to TikTok. It was sold to the developers of TikTok in November 9, 2017. In case you try to access the musically website users will be redirected to TikTok

Q.2 Is the app age restricted?

Ans: Yes, users who wish to join TikTok cannot be under 13 years of age.

How To Create a TikTok video.

Step 1: Tap the plus sign found to the right of the magnifying glass to access your smartphone’s camera on the app.

Step 2: Use the menus found on the upper right corner of the app to layer filters, speed things up, slow things down, and make edits.

Step 3: Its lipsyncing feature can be accessed by tapping “Add a Sound” at the top of the camera interface.

Step 4: Browse and select a song you want to film yourself singing or rapping along with and the app will line up your start and stop signal with the music.

Step 5: The best way to get the hang of the editing features is to keep filming and editing.

TikTok APK 5.1.5 Download for Android | Latest Version (64.2 MB)
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