Vizer TV APK Download v2.2 | Latest Version (3.3MB)


Vizer TV Apk For Android Sitting at home is very dull. We need the change in our day to day life. These changes come through tv and movies. We have one such app which is capable of showing you free movies and tv shows for the lifetime.

The name of the app is vizer tv apk. Vizer tv apk is a free app which is aimed at providing free cable services to the users. Vizer apk is free and does not require any subscription plan or ads to work.

Vizer TV APK

Vizer TV Apk
Download Latest Version Vizer TV Apk and watch all movies
About app
Vizer TV apk is the best android application to watch all TV, movie shows. Get latest episode’s from Vizer tv. The quality of the majority of the videos is quite high, and, streaming usually works really’ll see a bunch of information and links to watch the content in original version or dubbed. 

Note : Vizer TV Apk is an unofficial App and it is not available on Google Play Store. Download the latest version below and install it on your Android devices without updating the app.

File Info

App Name Vizer TV
File Type APK
Size 3.3MB
Version 2.2
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0+
Root YES
Last Updateed on 14 Aug 2018


This app comes with lots of features which can make its users get stuck to it. This is very popular among the people who find them addicted to the TVs or Players.

  • Watch unlimited movies, cartoons, and documentaries for free on vizer tv.
  • Vizer TV provides the best quality of the videos and movies for free of cost
  • Vizer TV streams videos in parts causing the less buffering and better user experience.
  • You can see the latest photo gallery of every movie in the app.
  • You can view artworks and fan-arts in the gallery.
  • Vizer TV is a virus-free app. This means that the app will never affect your phone in a negative way.

Screen Shots

Vizer TV APK Screen Shots
Vizer TV APK Screen Shots

How to download Vizer  TV Apk for Android

Vizer TV APK
Vizer TV APK

Download Vizer TV

This app is not available on the play store because of its violation of the rules and regulations on the app. But you can be sure to download it because this is available on our site. The apk provided on our site is 100{243614c426343936ed6a479363e6c8eb40721f5820e01cbb0f76aae123f83232} virus and malware-free. Our trusted and reliable sources confirm the ingenuity of the app, to ensure that you are being supplied with 100{243614c426343936ed6a479363e6c8eb40721f5820e01cbb0f76aae123f83232} safe app.

Once you have downloaded the apk from one of the download links above, we can move on to the installation process. The installation process is quite easy and won’t require much time. Make sure you follow it correctly to eliminate any further issues.

  1. Download the apk from one of the download links above.
  2. Go to Downloads and click on the downloaded apk.
  3. An installation screen will open and then Click on ‘Install.’ button
  4. Follow the installation process and install the app.
  5. Once the app is installed on it, go to the menu and launch the app.
  6. That’s it. This is how you can download it for free.

How to install Vizer TV on your PC.

Vizer tv is not yet released for pc. However, you can use an android emulator like BlueStacks to run the app on your PC without any issues. Here is how can do it, follow the simple instructions given below.

  1. Download Vizer TV from one of the download links provided above.
  2. Make sure BlueStacks is installed on your PC.
  3. Double-click on the downloaded apk and BlueStacks will launch itself.
  4. Once BlueStacks is up and running, you will be prompted with an installation screen.
  5. Follow the installation process and install the app.
  6. And you are done! You can now open the app through bluestacks-> App drawer -> Vizer TV APK.


Vizer TV APK Download v2.2 | Latest Version (3.3MB)
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