WhatsApp APK Download v2.18.325 | Latest version (32.1MB)


WhatsApp APK is a widely used social media app that lets you chat, share images, videos, files, songs and a lot more. It also provides with the services of calling and video calling, and the quality is pretty good. It is free of cost and takes up really less space and uses a just a little bit of internet to send files and receive files.

You have to back up your messages to not lose them, you can simply do that by fixing a time slot for that using WhatsApp and WhatsApp apk will do the rest of the work on its own. You can even use WhatsApp even on your laptop and transfer official documents easily using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp APK

Whatsapp apk
Download Latest version Whatsapp apk
About app
Whatsapp Apk is the best application and You can even upload stories of your special moments let your friends see it and can also see your friends stories! You can even delete messages after sending them in case you regret it. Didn’t we all really want this feature though!

Note : Whatsapp Apk is an official App and it is available on Google Play Store. Download the latest version below and install it on your Android devices without updating the app

File Info

App Name WhatsApp
File Type APK
Size 32.1MB
Version 2.18.352
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0+
Root Required NO
Last Updated on Oct 08 2018


  • Whatsapp payment feature, now you can easily pay using whatsapp. This feature is available for all android and iOS users.
  • This feature is powered by UPI which lets you receive and send money easily. The only thing that you need to use this feature is that both the users should enable the UPI payment method.
  • You can now easily delete messages that you send to a certain user from their device as well.
  • All you have to do is select the message that you want to unsend and click on the ‘delete for everyone’ icon.
  • You can delete/unsend the messages within 6s minutes of sending it.
  • The new group description feature. Whatsapp apk allows you to describe the main of the group, the objectives and the goals and the task you have to perform.
  • Anybody in the group can change the group description on a regular basis and update. It would even display in the group chat if someone makes any changes in the description. You can write the description from 0-500 words!
  • You cannot just video call one person, but you can have a group video call over whatsapp!
  • You can connect with your group of friends and with this new feature whatsapp apk hasn’t compromised with the quality.
  • it provides you with the same quality that it did it with a video call with one user.
  • This feature is the best for business and enterprise owners for interacting with their costumers and providing them with greeting messages, away messages and also offers features in which you can give quick replies to your consumers.
  • This is a really helpful feature for businesses to grow and keep their customers happy!

Screen Shots

Whatsapp apk Screen shots
Screen shots

How to Download WhatsApp APK

Whatsapp apk

Download WhatsApp

  1. Downloading whatsapp apk is piece of cake, go to google play store/ apple app store and search for whatsapp apk and once you get it. Press the download button.
  2. Once whatsapp is installed, you will have to open the app and allow various things that whatsapp requires to operate in your phone.
  3. You can then enter your number and once verified. Enjoy you all in one app!

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WhatsApp APK Download v2.18.325 | Latest version (32.1MB)
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