WiFiKill Pro APK v1.0.1 Download | Latest Version [Cracked] for Android


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WiFiKill Pro APK

WifiKill is one of the great Wifi Controller app all the android smartphone.  It is capable to cut-off any internet connection available in any wifi network. There are large no of WifiKill Pro APK varieties present on internet.

In all of them WifiKill Pro APK 1.0.1 is the recent version of all WifiKill app. It is one of the most stable version among all after WifiKill APK 1.7.

WifiKill Pro APK is here on our website, hence you can download it from here easily.

What is WiFiKill Pro?

This awesome WifiKill app is created by XDA app developer. Which is known to be the best for reducing bandwidth misuses. For instance, there is a shared wifi network and you are connected to it, and the speed of the network is worse to express. At this instance WifiKill is the one which can be there for the rescue, it helps you to gain lot of speed by kicking back other networks and at times even block them. One can also look after the data usage of all the connected devices.

Mostly this app is used by hacker in-order to hack different wifi networks so the other person won’t be able to use internet and all the basic and other information can be taken out easily.

As this app checks and cut off the wifi connection of all the people who are connected to the single network.

WiFiKill Pro APK

WiFiKill Pro APK
Download WiFiKill Pro APK v1.0.1 for Android [Cracked version]

WifiKill Pro APK 1.0.1 is not present at Google Play Store which is the android market similar to other apps. It is majorly a root app with a script running states, some of secure antivirus detect it and treats it as a virus. But there is nothing to get panic about it as when you will install WifiKill Pro APK 2.3.2 from any random trusted website, you are on the safe platform. There are presence of many other WifiKill apps present on android market all these are fake and not useable stay away from them. Some of them can turn out to be dangerous and they may be virus and this will lead to lag your device seriously. 

Furthermore there are tons of development made in the WifiKill Pro APK 1.0.1. Moreoever there are incredible features of this app as that there are an ‘all Grab’ button present on the bottom of the app. With which one can hold all the connected devices all at once. The user interface is friendlier and user friendly as well of wifikill 1.0.1 also there are more functionality is added.

App Info

File Name: Wifikill Pro APK 1.0.1

Version: 1.0.1

Size: 7.8 MB (496,659 bytes)

Supported OS: Android 4.0 to Android 7.0+

MD5: f54ad796016ec35bceefde9fc5e10cc7

Last Update: October 3, 2017

How to install WiFiKill Pro APK for Android?

WiFiKill ip address
Sniff IP Address and protect your WiFi from being hacked.

Once you download WifiKill app, you may look forward to how to run the app? This can be answered very easily, as using as running WifiKill app it’s too easy. If this your first time in WifiKill app, you will now find it that is so easy to use and run. All the functiuons and options of this app WifiKill is understandable for all the noobie users. However there are specific procedures to sue this app. The app is user friendly and is WifiKill app 2.3.2. All the process of installation is provided below. Just follow the steps and install it instantly.

  1. Download the APK file of WifiKill Pro APK from a trusted website. One can also download it from the download page.
  2. Install the app WifiKill Pro, This installation is be present as the 3rd party app.

Furthermore if it shows ‘Administrator Blocked’ you just need to follow these steps carefully.

Go to ‘Setting’ proceed to ‘Security” tab. In ‘Security” TAB mark the ‘Unknown Resources’.

  1. Now scanning is to be done, which can be carried out by clicking on the play button to start the scan. There you will get the device list. All these devices are the devices which are connected to your wifi network. This is the place from where you can do anything you wish to with all of the available Devices.

WiFiKill vs WiFiKill Pro Features

How to use WiFiKill Pro APK
Use WiFi Kill Pro to secure your WiFi connections and sniff WiFi passwords from public networks

However there are already too many affixes in the WifiKill Pro APk 2.3.2. There are lots of bugs and limitation seen in the last update of WifiKill which is fixed, now this new version is free from all the defects and in-capabilities. There are too many awesome features some of them are stated below as.   

  • This app has refined kill effectiveness and gabbing power is alos improved.
  • It fixes all the issues with the help of IP tables’ rules.
  • It also holds status device counts and button behavior.
  • It fixes all the issues related to URL list scrolling.
  • It also fixes devices which are missing from start.
  • It adds UDP protocol Blocking.
  • When the device name is empty, it fixes Force-close to solve the issue.
  • It minimizes service all on the point of start.

WifiKill Pro Older versions

However there are many app versions of WifiKill app available on the android market or even on the internet. Certainly we provide all of the version of the application WifiKill app, all these can be searched regarding old and new versions. Still in case you want an old version of this WifiKill app, then you can get it from the link provided below.

Final verdict

That is all the basic information regarding WifiKill Pro APK. All of the information such as how to download, features, latest and previous versions, how to install, how to run, specification, all the uses and how it is beneficial all these information are provide in a detail manner, hence there will no further issue regarding WifiKill Pro APK.

Still if you got any issues regarding to this APK file just hit the comment block by describing your issues in a detailed manner, as so we can understand your problem, which can be then solved easily and instantly.

Leave all your issues and thought in the comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.