ZArchiver APK Download v0.9.1 | Latest Version (3.57MB)


A super comprehensive file archive manager, ZArchiver APK is available for the most popular platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows. ZArchiver has been developed to extract and create almost all types of file archive formats imaginable.

ZArchiver is not only meant to extract files from archives but it also creates file archives. In simpler words, the application, no matter which platform you are running it on, can compress and decompress several types of archive formats. To add to its pros, ZArchiver can also support and create password protected and encrypted archives.

ZArchiver APK

ZArchiver Apk
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About app
This is one of the most popular apps when it comes to file archiving. There are several other apps which can perform the same tasks but not a single one can match the smoothness and the efficiency of this application. Everything is streamlined with this application and it is especially suitable to those who frequently transfer their archives from cloud storages to their devices.

Note :  ZArchiver is an official App and it is available on Google Play Store. Download the latest version below and install it on your Android devices without updating the app.

File Info

App Name ZArchiver
File Type APK
Size 3.57MB
Version 0.9.1
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0+
Root Required NO
Last Updated on Feb 16 2018


The ZArchiver application is much more functional when compared to other apps and it has been put together in such a way that it provides users with a very professional feel. There are so many features that this app offers and one of the most interesting and unique features include the multi-core support system.

  1. Another really attractive feature of this app is that it allows partial archive decompression. So basically, the application is an extremely advanced version of file compression apps with all the features and options you could possibly need – this, however, does not allow the performance of the app to be affected.
  2. The app is still very lightweight and seamless.
  3. Nothing is all sugar and spice though and even ZArchiver has its low points. This file managing and file compressing app can also be slightly annoying at times. For example, sometimes it mixes up a long tap with a short tap which results in different app reactions. This problem occurs frequently and many have complained about this bug while using ZArchiver.
  4. Apart from this minor glitch, ZArchiver is perfect. It will cover all your extraction, compression, decompression and file managing needs. The application is continuously updated on all the available platforms and with each update, it only gets better and better


ZArchiver Apk
ZArchiver Apk screen shots

How to Download & Install ZArchiver APK

Zarchiver apk download

Download ZArchiver

Downloading zarchiver is not a very hard task. All you have to do is to download the android app and install it to get it done

ZArchiver v0.9.1 Latest version

  1. This is the easiest way to download zarchiver for android. First of all, visit the app store of android which is called as play store.
  2. Search for zarchiver. The first one to appear is the best app. Now download it and it will start to download automatically.
  3. Once it is done, you can use it as per your requirements.

ZArchiver APK for Windows PC

  1. To use it in pc, you must have an android emulator which will help you to play app for free.
  2. Download the apk of that app which can be downloaded from our site
  3. Once it is done, donwload and install bluestacks emulator
  4. Now click on the downloaded apk file and it will open in the emulator
  5. Now you can use it as per your requirements.

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ZArchiver APK Download v0.9.1 | Latest Version (3.57MB)
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