Top 5 Best Interesting Websites in 2019 (Most Used)

    People are addicted to the internet nowadays. They don’t even bother for their time for perfect scheduling. Scrolling down the newsfeed is a common problem for all of us. We can’t utilize our time properly, and then we don’t get time to complete our tasks. Procrastination is not much acceptable. The internet has given us almost everything in the fist of our hands. So, by spoon-feeding, we do not want to be much active.

    The new generation needs something new always. The internet has everything to give it to us. Education, entertainment, music, adventure, news each and everything you want here. So, let’s look for something interesting in this article

    5 Best Interesting Websites

    Internet is the addiction to a new generation. They don’t even bother for their time for perfect scheduling. Scrolling down the newsfeed is a common problem for all of us. We can’t utilize our time properly. Then we don’t get our time to complete our tasks. So, now let’s look for something exciting.


    Interesting Websites

    Unacademy is a newly launched much demanding website which helps you to keep motivated in your studies and will also help you to reach your goals. You can meet your educators here, can talk with them, and can take their help on doubt solving. You can ask new questions about getting a new topic which they are teaching. There are different types of courses. 

    Most of the courses are on competitive exams in various fields. There are video lecture options that may help you to save your time for study which goes wasted by traveling. There are different kinds of subscription plans for a little bit amount of money. You can get some extra facilities if you are an Unacademy subscribed student. All the educators are highly qualified and are there to help you to fulfill your journey. The study is so engaging to them. So Unacademy is undoubtedly a fantastic site for interest.


    Interesting Websites

    If your mood is not for learning something new, then you have a key to fix your mood up. And the key is Bored Panda. This website has a collection of everything funny on the internet. You will surely burst into laughter by scrolling this website up and down. There are lots of comic contents with some weird and attractive photos and they arranged it in a very well manner. So, your mood will surely get on by seeing these fun articles they have for you. 

    Even if you are a comic enthusiast, you can get amazing content from this website. So, your boredom has a destination now. You just need to come to this website, and the rest is their duty to make you smile. They have lots of fun articles for you. The Bored Panda has an excellent website design taste. You can explore whenever you reach them.


    YouTube is something that has everything you are looking for. It has video content on everything available to see for everyone. This website has a vast collection of channels from different corners of the world. There are lots of channel owners who make videos on various topics. If you are bored, then you can visit YouTube and type what you are looking for in the search bar. There will be lots of results relevant to your search, and you can open any one of them. Educational videos, stand up comedy, short films, funny videos, movies, roasted comics, vines all are available on YouTube. If you don’t find them interesting enough, you can open your own YouTube channel and can start entertaining people there. So this will kill your boredom and make your creativity high and also will help you to earn well. 

    Mixcloud Downloader

    Mix cloud downloader is an online western music streaming service that will fulfill your cravings on different genres of western music. Mix Cloud offers you to listen to all the types of British music and also allows you to stream the radio channels without any hesitation. This service contains DJ mix, podcasts, soft romantic music, electrical, metals as well as pops and rocks. In the Mix cloud, you have the freedom to download what you like while listening to it online to get it in your phone offline too. So music can be a great option to kill your boredom. If you are a lover of remixes, then this website is absolutely for you. Music heals human souls and gives your thoughts to fly high. Mixes are also a great option to recharge your mood and get activated your mind cells. So, if you are looking for something great then here it is on this website.

    Live NetTV 

    Live NetTV is a website that can diminish your craving for TV serials and movies. This website is free, so you don’t need to burn your pocket for watching TV serials on time. Even on this site, you can pause the Live NetTV and can view it anytime possible in your comfortable time. The Live NetTV offers you every live TV channels with an excellent graphical user interface. There is no ad and any interruptions while enjoying your favorite channels. So this will also be a great option to spend your time.  Now you can put an end to your boredom.

    Here we have discussed some impressive websites that are also good for you. They are for your educational purpose, learning the purpose, shopping purpose, entertainment purpose, and even communication purpose. But giving all of your time to the internet, it can make you lazy and an inactive person for work. So, we suggest not neglecting your work, never, ever. Always remember your work, your studies are your first priority. So, use interesting websites on the internet when you have already finished your work or done your studies. 

    Also, you can learn a lot, can meet educators on the internet. Take their help and keep yourself motivated. Only when you are getting bored use these sites to diminish your boredom and to inspire you to get back to your work. Take the internet as a blessing. Cause our generation is totally on it.

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