GB Instagram APK v1.70 Download (2019 Update)

GB Instagram Apk: In the world of Social networking, Instagram is often seen as the most stylish app. With almost 70{5e7a3754f51a7693c15744b7821439ed6579a84e1978b3e33f4b66deadb405d4} of millennials using the app, it’s no wonder developers want to introduce new versions of the famous app. Gb Instagram is the latest Mod after Gb WhatsApp and Snapchat++ made their mark. Learn about its features and download Gb Instagram Apk for Android for free.

The word Gb is an indication of Mod versions and as of now, Gb Instagram is the number one Mod in the apps section. There are tons of unique features that’ll keep users surfing for hours. Gb Instagram even though is a Mod version, the app is safe to install and has top-notch security. There are also options for customizing the look, features, and themes of the app.

Download Gb Instagram Apk 2019 for Android

Gb instagram apk

AppGB Instagram
File size38.9 MB
CategoryGB Mods
Last Update26/10/2019


  • Download Instagram Stories, Profile Pictures, and Videos.
  • Copy Instagram Bios and download their posted personal images.
  • Customize the look of the app by choosing from different themes, skins.
  • Take a look at trends and post on similar topics to increase your followers.
  • Mark selected chats as favorite chats and make them sticky to access faster.
  • Get the direct URL of images, videos, and stories for embedding in websites.
  • Delete Notifications automatically and set a time to delete chats.
  • Compatible will all Android devices running Android 6.0+ and no root required.
  • Watch Live streams and upload streams with IGTV directly from the native GB Instagram App.
  • Add Video calls, voice notes, tags in stories.

How to install GB Instagram Apk on Android?

To install any Gb Mods, we must be cautious to not send notice to original apps. In most cases, usage of the app would be blocked by Google Play services if it detects double activity on any app. Follow this safe method to install GB Instagram App in 2019:

  1. Download Gb Instagram Apk Latest version.
  2. Download ‘Cache cleaner’ for Google Play Store.
  3. Uninstall original Instagram App and Sign out of Google play store.
  4. Now open Cache cleaner and clear cache of all apps, cookie information.
  5. Now Sign in to Google Play Store and go to downloads folder.
  6. Here, find ‘gbinstagram.apk’ and tap on it to start installation.
  7. As the original instagram is not available, Google Play Store will continue the installation process.
  8. Once installed, sign in to your Instagram account on Gb Instagram.

What’s new?

  • Make any chat as favourite to access from Home.
  • Bubble color fix when replying to stories.
  • Crash fixes while downloading images, videos.


How to download Gb Instagram for PC?

Gb Instagram is only available for Android devices. But you can install emulators like BlueStacks or Nox to use the app on virtual Android devices.

How to get Gb Instagram for iOS, iPhone?

As of now, there is no iOS release. But you can jailbreak your device using Cydia or Pangu to install Android apps.

Is Gb Instagram Safe?

Yes. The app is developed from the original version making only a few changes to UI and features. The app is secure for installation and usage.

How to update Gb Instagram?

When a new version is released, the app notifies you for updates automatically. Otherwise, you can always download the latest version from above.

How to hide Online status in Gb Instagram?

Click on Insta Menu on the right side> Settings>Status. Here, change option to hide online status.

How to download videos from Gb Instagram?

All the images, videos and stories have a default download button when previewed in full screen. Simply, click to download.

How to change theme in Gb Instagram?

There are only a few themes available for the app in Menu. Right Click on Menu>Change themes>Select theme>Apply.

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